Watch Sleigh Bells’ Sinister Video for ‘I Can Only Stare’ [Video]

While you dive headfirst into Sleigh Bells’ recently-released Jessica Rabbit, also take a moment to enjoy the video for their single, “I Can Only Stare.” The group established their signature sound with guitarist Derek Miller’s signature heavy-metal riffs and vocalist Alexis Krauss’ mutilated, distinctly discordant voice, but “I Can Only Stare” turns more towards sugary pop vocals and Madonna-esque belt-outs than the duo ever has in the past.

Nevertheless, Sleigh Bells maintains their trademark edge in the track’s sinister music video, which captures the prelude of three suicides — a bride setting her own dress on fire, a heavily eye-lined youth wandering into the sea, and a woman filling her car with carbon monoxide (all portrayed by Krauss herself). Depictions of each woman are spliced between shots of the duo respectively performing in front of screens bearing projections of moving water. The video was co-directed by Derek Miller and independent film director Alex Ross Perry, and it sets the tone for a varied, unorthodox new album.

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