Watch PHOX’s Short Film ‘Amor Fati’ ASAP [VIDEO]

On Christmas Eve, PHOX released their short film “Amor Fati” but I only just recently got to watch it. And I loved it. I love PHOX. They’re the first band I wrote about for The Wild Honey Pie almost exactly three years ago. I remember crushing so hard on their weird/gorgeous EPs that had little random snippets of conversation scattered throughout. Then there was the visual element to their work which was equally beautiful and quirky and solidified, in my mind, that they possessed some of the most intense creative energy that I’d ever encountered. Everything they did was so DIY and so…PHOX. Straight up mad genius/unicorn hybrids…Adventure Time IRL, except a band. They made me laugh and made me cry and my mega crush never really died down. Their Kimbra and The Outfield covers are still two of my favorite things. When PHOX released their visual EP, Confetti, I lost my head. I forced everyone I knew and didn’t know to sit down and watch it. In fact, I’m gonna need you to sit down and watch it right now if you haven’t seen it.

Last year, PHOX officially unleashed their magic with their self-titled debut on Partisan Records which inevitably began a never ending tour. Somehow, between tours, they found time to make this short film that tells their story. But it’s PHOX so besides the band, it also stars a scumbag manager, a really shitty genie, and a thieving, really creepy farmer. So, a storyline exists but mostly it’s raw footage of really cool moments in the band’s journey from humble first practices to playing to a monstrous rabid crowd at Eaux Claires Festival last summer where they premiered the movie at Justin Vernon’s urging. For the PHOX newbie, it serves as a good introduction to their prismatic craft. And for those of us who have been following them for a while, “Amor Fati” is an insightful, moving, delicious gift from a band we already knew was goddamn golden. I’m so happy this film exists, and I’m so happy PHOX exists. Please go put your pajamas on and watch “Amor Fati” with your mom immediately.

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