Watch Boom Forest’s Gorgeous Video for ’33’ [Premiere]

Boom Forest’s “Holy Ghost” speaks of loss and of spirits that inhabit spaces and objects long after their last breaths. The state of melancholy one experiences after losing a loved one is potent and asks questions that may never see resolution. This is the stuff of John Paul Roney’s (Boom Forest) “Holy Ghost”, a track deserving of a video equally as endearing.

Enter PHOX’s Zach Johnston, the person responsible for his band’s ever captivating videos and short films (see “Amor Fati”). While in town to film a video with Roney, Johnston was able to capture some intimate moments around Roney’s 33rd birthday that became the core of the video for “33”, which combines “We Are All One” and “Holy Ghost”. Fusing footage of Roney’s father who passed in ’09 with everyday moments, Johnston was able to create something singular and wholly affecting. Watch the video premiere of Boom Forest’s “33” above, and be sure to make it out to see him at his upcoming residency at Knitting Factory this summer.

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