Photos by Luis Ruiz

Last Saturday at Bowery Ballroom was definitely an interesting experience. The crowd, filled with face paint and palpable excitement, was younger than what I’ve become accustomed to seeing at the venue. While I began the show feeling a little out of place, the spectacle seemed to draw me in by the end. Unlike most NYC crowds, the people lining the stage at Walk the Moon and Pacific Air brought out a level of excitement and fandom that I hadn’t experienced in quite a while.

Opening the night, Pacific Air was a solid appetizer for the main attraction. Filled to the brim with easy to digest West Coast pop, they seemed to charm their way into the audience’s heart. Once I got past their haircuts, I definitely found myself bobbing along to some of their tunes.

Walk the Moon seemed to bring with them a level of enthusiasm and pizzaz that even their well-prepared audience wasn’t quite ready for. With songs that seem to require moving and singing along, they jumped and gyrated their fans into a tizzy. While deeper substance may not be their main focus, they certainly know how to craft an amazingly fun melody with an upbeat sound, interesting percussion and a strong vocal delivery. I also have to salute them for making their live environment so dynamic and original that even I, then sick and somewhat feverish as I learned later, found myself drawn in and taking part in the madness. Here’s to damn good pop.

Walk the Moon

Pacific Air

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