White Arrows

Released on March 3, 2015

White Arrows

White Arrows create an immersive blend of psychadelia, rock and electro-pop leaves your brain feeling like it's been washed over by a tide of psilocybin. Their velvety textures are resonant and soothing, while their vocals are vaguely ominous and dark.

Thus, when we arranged a Buzzsession with this mysterious Los Angeles outfit, we decided to bring them to a location that reflects their musical aesthetic. We shuttled the band 200 miles away from their hometown to the vast rain shadow region between California and Nevada known as the Mojave Desert. We built a giant bonfire for light and the band worked their magic.

We Can't Ever Die


Director & Producer
Alex Familian

Camera Operators
Adam Wand
Chase Niesner
Alex Familian

Johnathon Burlew

Executive Producers
Eric Weiner
Jon Lurie

Mixer & Mastering Engineer
Andrew Naeve

Erik Rojas