The American Secrets

Released on March 9, 2012

The American Secrets

Even if you do not recognize their name, odds are that you have heard Michigan band, The American Secrets, before. And that’s because they’re the band and their faces are all over TV and internet video ads. Every member of The American Secrets has had their share of influence on Detroit’s music scene. The band is actually a supergroup with members from Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.The Great FictionDaniel ZottManna and QuailSchaeffer and Breath and Dirt. When they were in town late last year, we headed to Union Square in Manhattan where they recorded "Riding on a Falcon," "Mr. Cloud," and "Let's Not Stop!" from their EP, The Fight.

Let's Not Stop

Mr. Cloud

Riding on a Falcon

Camera Operator & Editor
Justin Lawes

Eric Weiner

Engineer & Mixer
John Katona