Released on April 14, 2015


My goal was to film a live session where the environment and cameras moved and reacted with the music, giving it a type of synergy that you often get from great music videos and films. Upon meeting SWIMM, they introduced me to Brandon Lomax, a fantastic visual artist who lives with them in a giant warehouse in East Los Angeles nicknamed “The Cube”, where we also filmed the session (sidenote: LCD Soundsystem once played a show there). Brandon had been repurposing all these 1960s techniques of using paint and an overhead projector to create some really stunning visuals for their live shows. Once we brought him on-board for the video, everything started to feel right.

During the filming, I remember telling the camera operators to really move with the rhythm of the song and with Brandon’s visuals, especially on “Hope You're Staying”. At one point, three or four of us were literally smacking the dolly and camera to make it shake. We even broke the battery grip on one of our cameras. We were playing with some really great 60s zooms and whip pans too. In the editing room we realized that some of it was perhaps a little too overboard, but enough of it is left in there to still give you that feeling like the cameras themselves are dancing to the music.

Beverly Hells

Hope You're Staying

Director & Producer
Alex Familian

Mike Spagnoli

Camera Operators
Powell Robinson
Erik Rojas
Miles Meyer
Devin Glass

Berkay Birecikli

Executive Producers
Eric Weiner
Jon Lurie

Engineer & Mixer
Spencer Peterson