Released on July 4, 2012


A couple of months ago, Greylag set foot on stage at Knitting Factory in Brooklyn to play their very first New York City show. Having already been a fan of the Portland, Oregon outfit, I thought I knew what was in store and yet somehow they managed to exceed my every expectation. With only the songs from their recently released debut EP The Only Way to Kill You, Andrew Stonestreet, Daniel Dixon and company played an incredibly tight set. One that took their recorded material and presented it near perfectly to an unsuspecting audience.  

I left that show hungry for more and, lucky for me, I was able to meet up with Andrew and Daniel in Prospect Park, across from the picturesque Boathouse, just a day later. It was there, sitting crossed-legged in the grass, that the duo recorded "Black Crow" and "Tiger."

Black Crow


Director & Editor
Ashley Maas

Eric Weiner

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Ashley Maas
Andrew Sheron
Nick Noyes

Engineer & Mixer
John Katona