Field Report

Released on October 14, 2012

Field Report

Field Report is the project of Chris Porterfield, who played in DeYarmond Edison with Justin Vernon and the members of Megafaun. Their music is lyric-centric and extremely emotional, driven by seemingly effortless playing and Porterfield's honest vocals. A couple months back, when the New York City air was still sticky and smelled of sweet garbage, we met with Field Report to record a Buzzsession at the Burnside Bar in Brooklyn. It was a gorgeous day so we were able to shoot the two songs in the wood fenced-in rustic back terrace, which complimented the group's folksy sound perfectly.

Taking Alcatraz

Fergus Falls

Eric Weiner

Ashley Maas

Camera Operators
Ashley Maas
Gabe Stanley

Engineer & Mixer
Dan Molad