Darwin Deez

Released on September 3, 2013

Darwin Deez

When I first started The Wild Honey Pie in 2009, I was dying to interview every band I loved. While not every act was keen on taking the time to chat, Darwin Deez responded to my email with a big old “hell yes.” He did, however, give me one guideline — he told me that he’d only answer questions that weren't the typical "where are you from," "who are your inspirations," and "what’s your favorite band?" Darwin instilled in me very early on that we should not follow a mold and that it is a-okay to be goofy. That was nearly four years ago and I've had the pleasure of watching him catapult into the spotlight with his unorthodox tunes. For our Buzzsession with him and his band, we wanted to make it about one thing — fun! We did that by bringing in a few Twister boards, starting a dance party and goofing around while they recorded alternate version of "Moonlit" and "You Can't Be My Girl."

You Can't Be My Girl


Camera Operators
Megan Blackburn
Jordan Stone
Amaya Mendizabal
Eric Weiner
Eliza Jordan

Engineer & Mixer
Ben Rice

Eric Weiner

Jono Bernstein
Megan Blackburn