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After almost exactly four years, Via Audio is back with their third full-length to be released later this month, but we’ve got the first single from Natural Language for you to hear right now. Shaking their fists in the face of the tempermental god from whom they seek refuge, “Boat” is a rousing, fizzy ride inside the band’s (now a duo) new sound. The track hits like a storm, rising and falling on frenetic drums and buzzing guitars, the vocals remaining conversely placid as our protagonist holds out hope — “I’ll sail this sea/Until I see/My Love, My Love/She waits for me.” The waves grow monstrous, wildly melodic, Via Audio battling it out until, at last, they “wash ashore”. Home.

Natural Language was self-recorded by the duo and produced by Dan Molad, their original drummer/current member of Lucius, at his Brooklyn studio, Sounds Like A Fire. Via Audio is also self-releasing their new work on March 25 and celebrating with a release show at Glasslands on March 30th. Catch them there or on their tour with Elizabeth & the Catapult on the way down to SXSW. Hear the premiere of “Boat” above and join us in celebrating new Via Audio!

  • Karl

    Guys why did you stop compiling weekly album releases? It was quite helpful digest

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Thanks Squarespace!