VERITE’s Sentiment EP Feels It All [Stream]

Kelsey Byrne, AKA Brooklyn’s VÉRITÉ, is not resting on her laurels. After the buzzing success of her debut, the Echo EP, she took barely any time off before springing a handful of standout singles on the blogosphere. Now, those singles, plus two previously unheard tracks, are collected here in her second release, the heartfelt Sentiment EP.

Backed by pounding beats orchestrated by her collaborator, producer Elliot Jacobson, the four songs on Sentiment take the melodic prowess present on VÉRITÉ’s previous releases and combine them with the vibrant energy of her live shows. “Wasteland”, the EP’s opener, is as close to a club banger as VERITE gets, and her dark pleas for “a heart unbreakable” are buffeted into swoon-worthy swells of emotion by exuberant bass and upbeat synths. Previously-heard single “Colors” introduces a hip-hop flair to VERITE’s soul-bared lyrics, while the laid-back “Rearrange” gives us a taste of her slower side. Brand new song “Sentiment” displays a delicate restraint, and lets her indelible soprano float naturally to the top of a sea of harmonies and kick-drum hits. A pro pop package of impressive skill and delivery, VERITE’s sophomore effort shows off her range and promises even better things to come.

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