VÉRITÉ Pulls Off the Covers with ‘Underdressed’ [Stream]

VÉRITÉ is pulling off the covers and revealing the dark underbelly of heartache with their new single, “Underdressed”. The track is filled with organ-like electronic progressions, which accompany Kelsey Byrne’s melodic monologue, making her dark pleas painfully honest and earnest. Her voice is exposed and genuine, yet the lyrics tinker on uncertainty — wanting something that is toxic, but knowing that it’s wrong. She’s frustrated and combative, but at the same time, delicate and fragile. “Underdressed” reveals the tensions between “right” and “wrong” and subtly calls attention to the healing powers associated with succumbing to your own darkness. In return, we learn that embracing our emotions is not weak, but an essential part of moving on.   

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