Vaureen Trip Out on ‘Before the Rectangles Take Over’ [Stream]

Female-fronted Brooklyn trio Vaureen bridge heavily distorted punk rock with heavenly choral harmonies. They call their sound ‘grunge-gaze,’ and while the ambient qualities could be perceived as modern, the elegant melodies deployed feel more akin to the psychedelic rock of the 1960s. Their single “Before the Rectangles Take Over” reaches moments of raw brilliance, as the tasteful vocal blend navigates through a thick fog of guitar feedback, creating an all-encompassing wall of warm tape echo. It’s an adventurous track that yields surprisingly compelling results without pandering to any kind of current music trends. Vaureen are probably too busy futzing with their fuzz pedals or reading French literature to worry about such trivial things, and their press materials make it clear that they’re not interested in creating bubblegum pop. In fact, they have compared their songwriting process to getting a root canal, stating “Our songs are often nasty things being driven out by necessity.”

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