Vacationer Make Us Swoon With Thoughts of Warmth in ‘Paradise Waiting’ [Video]

Vacationer’s “Paradise Waiting” is a three-minute island getaway for the approaching colder months. Groovy tropical tones matched by a hip-hop influenced beat drive “Paradise Waiting” in all of its head-bobbing, foot-tapping glory. Smooth and honeyed vocals are thick in optimism and fuel an infectious rhythm while verses lead into dreamy and springy choruses. Lyrically, the track was made for swooning over paradise and summer warmth. Lighthearted reggae roots craft buoyancy and an overarching sense of relaxation and retreat.

The video is as cheery and radiant as the standalone track. Washed and warm colors meshed with cheerful faces feed Vacationer’s special balance of being deeply calming while still sanguinely motivating. 

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