Ursae Explores Familial ‘Likeness’ with New Track [Premiere]

Ursae’s “Likeness” begins slowly and methodically, allowing the vocals to take center stage, as piano and percussion offer sparse but meaningful accompaniment. Within the first minute, though, the song launches into true avant-pop, delivering a more lush and lively atmosphere that comfortably blends organic and electronic. Enjoy the track above, and learn more from New York’s Ursae below!

The older I get the more I notice certain behaviors in myself, and within my relationships, that I saw in my mom and dad as a kid. I keep catching myself trying to solve the same problems in the same ways, which makes me identify with them so much more than I did growing up. It’s made me realize that we’re really all carbon copies of our mothers and fathers, so I use my parents in “Likeness” as a frame of reference to examine myself and the way I treat the people I care about.

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