Northern Ireland’s Two Door Cinema Club is on the fast track to stardom with a phenomenal debut album and tour dates planned all over the States.  Their pop rock style is an easy listen for anyone, unless you happen to be a hater of anything mainstream accessible.  The trio is comprised of Alex Trimble, Kevin Baird, and Sam Halliday, three 21 year-olds who started playing together after classmates Trimble and Halliday discoverd Baird “trying to get with girls they knew.”

Two Door Cinema Club is currently on tour in the US, hitting the stage in New York, Denver, Seattle, Los Angeles, and more.  They’re obviously quite busy, but Kevin Baird was kind enough to take our questions.


Your album, Tourist History, is without a doubt one of my favorites this year.  No filler whatsoever.  I’m a big fan of both versions of “Undercover Martyn”, yours and the Passion Pit remix.  How did that work?  Did they approach you about it? The other way around?  What was it like when you first heard the finished product?

“We did a tour in France and Passion Pit were on the same tour. We got quite close and Ayad mentioned he wanted to have a crack at remixing a tune. We just kept in touch by email and so it happened!”

We wrote an article comparing you to Phoenix. We didn’t say that you sounded like them at all, but that we thought their rise to mainstream popularity could be expected of you. I hear we’re not the only ones to make that comparison though. Do you agree with a musical comparison between you and Phoenix and do you enjoy their music?

“I think musically…yeah there is some comparison. I guess we both make upbeat dancy music with guitars and keyboards. We both write pop tunes. I think its the closest comparison to our music. We love their music!”

Question from our Facebook follower, Saoirse O’Hanlon Tobin. She asked, “Do you feel Irish in any way, or more British?”

“We are 100% Irish. Without a doubt. We’ve never felt that strong a connection to England and the UK.”

We asked this questions in one of our first ever interviews, but would really like to hear your take on it. If your music were an animal, what would it be?

“I think it’d be a Sea Lion.”

On the album cover of Tourist History, there’s a pretty sweet cat. Do you feel a special connection to the California band, Best Coast, as they have a cat on their album cover as well?

“Em…we don’t feel a connection with them no.”

Our reader Marie Rousseau wanted to ask, “Will you ever get one of your videos directed by Michel Gondry?”

“Music videos are all about $$. Let’s see how many records we sell.”

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