Twiga Unfurl a Cinematic Tale on ‘Million $$$ Dream’ [Premiere]

Twiga’s effervescent indie rock is back with the first track off their newest EP ‘Million $$$ Dream.’ They continue their eminent likability as the track slowly weaves through a story straight from the extremely cinematic history of the WWF, complete with meandering guitars and the chill vibes that have come to define the band. Of the track singer Dave Lucas says:

“Million $$$ Dream” came to me while I watched a series of old WWF matches from the ’90s. In one storyline, an all-time great bad guy, The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase, created, defended, then lost a championship of HIS OWN MAKING to his former bodyguard Virgil. The reason Ted had to create the belt in the first place is that no matter how hard he fought, how much money he spent, or how much he cheated, he could never quite get his hands on the real WWF Championship. Even though Ted was a truly despicable character, the story struck me as so utterly pathetic that I couldn’t help seeing things from his perspective: this man who had all the talent and money in the world still managed to lose everything that was important to him.

This is our first trip into the land of studio recording as a full band, and we’re grateful to our friend Doug Schadt for engineering and producing, and Thump Studios in Greenpoint for being an awesome place to record!”

Check out the song above and be sure to see the band at their EP release show on 10/28 at Gold Sounds.