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The Suits – Stars

I read something recently about how a lot of today’s indie music has a tendency to intermingle unrelated influences, most of the time making for really interesting sounds and unidentifiable genres. Such is the case with NYC band, The Suits, who had me making then crossing out lists while listening to their recent album Navy. Before all the writing though, they had me hitting repeat with “Stars.”

My first thought with “Stars” was Apple commercial ear worm; but when the vocals came in, they added an immediate depth with a Youth Lagoon-esque buried haze. “Trifecta”, the lead single from the album, is a perfect display of their tendency towards lengthy, tone-setting intros before Eddie Gore’s killer-smooth rock and roll vocals make an appearance. Some of the tracks are set on slow burn, while some are on instant dance jam — “This Place We Go” being one of the former with a moody piano riff and R&B rhythm. By the time “I Need a Surprise” rolls around with its saloonish saunter, I’m not so sure about the Passion Pit-meets-Grouplove-meets-U2 idea anymore. In fact I’ve decided against it — they are their own animal.

Essentially, The Suits prove with Navy that genres don’t really matter as long as you’re having a good time. It’s definitely electronic rock and roll, and it’s definitely a fun listen. That’s all I got. Listen (and download for free) to “Stars” above and “Trifecta” below, then get the beautiful beast here.

The Suits – Trifecta
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