Transviolet Begs For An Infusion With ‘Bloodstream’ [Stream]

Transviolet – Bloodstream

Mysterious act Transviolet began bubbling below the surface with their debut single “Girls Your Age,” which attracted the attention of no less than Harry Styles. With their amazing second track “Bloodstream” it’s looking like these guys are here to stay. It’s hard to find any concrete information about the group online—they haven’t even played their debut live show yet—but with songs this great, who needs names? “Bloodstream” is a pounding synth-rock anthem, a neatly negative image of the comparatively slow-burning, stark “Girls Your Age.” Using visceral metaphors of blood and veins, Transviolet’s lead singer breathes emotion across a vastness of skittering hi-hats and harmonies. Sounding at times like a female Alt-J, with swooping notes and complex inflections, “Bloodstream” is a dangerous and electric ride.

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