Told Slant Give Us Pause With ‘I Don’t’ Off New Album [Stream]

The song begins with Felix Walworth’s eloquent verse, beautiful in both its simplicity and truthfulness: “I used to look at you like a fireplace in the living room / I was a tired face lying next to you, how are you / Now I have different words when I talk to you / And different faces to look at you.” “I Don’t” serves as the first track off Told Slant’s sophomore album, Going By, out last week via Double Double Whammy Records. A strong addition to their first album, Still Water, Walworth continues to serve listeners quiet yet powerful observations about life through discussions of growing older and the complexity of relationships.

“I Don’t” is a melancholic reflection in which Walworth examines the aftermath of a failed relationship, echoing the relatable feeling of not wanting to think about how things will be different. The song’s title doubly serves as the two words repeated over and over throughout the track, almost as a response to Walworth’s contemplative verses. The genius of Felix Walworth is their ability to deliver a perfect blend of softness in their voice while practically knocking you over with achingly relatable lyrics. This balance, as heard in “I Don’t,” is further emphasized with the grounding element of the band’s instrumental arrangement — the sparse combination of a concise bass line, an echoing, buzzing guitar, and Walworth’s signature drum. This backing guides and determines the course of the song’s emotional breaking point, and while other tracks on Going By break through the surface, “I Don’t” just slightly grazes it, reflecting on the thoughtful nature of its contents.

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