Tica Douglas Exudes Artistic Clarity on ‘The Same Thing’ [Stream]

With the forthcoming release of Tica Douglas’ album, Our Lady Star of the Sea, Help and Protect Us, the alternative folk singer exudes a ripened sense of personal and artistic clarity. On the latest single, “The Same Thing,” Douglas manages to find solace somewhere between the pointless and the profound.

As Douglas’ vocals float over the track’s burgeoning instrumentation, its stark sonic and allegorical contrast offers traces of optimism born out of a formerly daunting reality. As an insightful precursor to the album as a whole, Douglas transcends classification by focusing on their own sense of physical and emotional identity, stating that, “faith was totally my own, and, I think, linked to my being genderqueer and needing something to tether me.”

The cathartic new track deals with managing our expectations while not being thwarted by fear or apprehension. Melodically, Douglas offers listeners a lulling, empathetic glimpse not only into their own evolving psyche but into the illusory perceptions that keep us stagnant. As Douglas depicts something seemingly infinite and difficult to fully comprehend, “The Same Thing” feels like wading through an ocean as you brace yourself for the surging tide that builds ahead. The track, however, is not about what happens on the surface, but what happens beneath it — it is about that moment of forced reprieve, as your breathless body settles beneath the break and equips you for whatever’s next.

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