The Wombats Gave NYC An Instant Dance Party [Photos]

Photos by Tim Toda

On one of the first cold winter nights in New York City, The Wombats came back into town to play an infectious set that turned into an instantaneous dance party. Perhaps it was the eagerness and excitement from their postponed show originally scheduled a couple months ago, but the moment the lights went out, fans couldn’t stop cheering. Promoting their sophomore album, Glitterbug, The Wombats played an entirely new set from the last time they came earlier this year. With only one exception during the encore, there was never a moment they wanted to slow the pace down. However, that one exception was for the song, “Isabel”, with lead-singer, Matthew Murphy, and his single guitar on stage singing along with the crowd. Even joking, “next time we’ll be back, we’ll be at Madison Square Garden.” I can’t think of a single dull moment from the night!