The Velveteins Capture the Feeling of ‘Midnight Surf’ in New Video [Premiere]

The video for The Velveteins new single ‘Midnight Surf’ is as languid and dreamy as the song itself. The track, which would feel perfectly at home soundtracking a morose car ride in an indie movie, is a lovely mix of lo-fi vocals and indie-pop construction. It’s a slow burn of a track, so when it explodes into a storm of percussion, the catharsis is well earned. The video takes the feel of the song literally, showing the bands van driving around a dimly light town and adding in some trippy animation towards the end. Of the video the band says:

“We wanted to capture the essence of the song, which is quite dreamy and cosmic – so we got my Volkswagen Bus and rolled around the city streets at night. That in itself is quite a trip. The theme of the video plays off of the deepest form of sleep, which is called Slow Wave sleep. Traveling through the night in a dream, to reach the other side.”

Check out “Midnight Surf” above and be sure to grab the album Slow Wave out 5/12.

Thanks Squarespace!