The Tallest Man On Earth Returns With New Acoustic Single ‘Time Of The Blue’ [Video]

The Tallest Man On Earth, Kristian Matsson, released his latest single “Time Of The Blue,” and it’s the quintessential representation of perfectly raw folk music. The stormy acoustic guitar riff is the only sound to back Matsson’s raspy vocals (with the occasional sounds of harmonica and other wind instruments) making for a song that sounds undoubtedly sincere in its message and emotionally candid in its delivery. Through semi distorted vocals, Matsson sings about re-occurring shortcomings, a familiar state of dreaming and a reassuring affirmation of love. In the video for the single, Matsson plays his guitar and lets the hoarseness in his voice sound while sitting in a bedroom by himself. The intimacy of the video speaks to the relaxed vibes that come with the song, creating an atmosphere of complete calmness.

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