The Tallest Man On Earth Brought Huge Energy to Chicago [Photos]

Writeup by Natalie Hords

The night started off in darkness, as Lady Lamb sang her first song “Up in the Rafters” a cappella. The experience was a moving and intimate — the audience listening intently to her emotive voice and powerful lyrics. She then brought out her electric guitar and let the rest of her set rip with songs from her most recent album, After. She definitely has some pipes on her!

Following her performance came The Tallest Man on Earth. Kristian Matsson bounded across the stage with high energy and a full band behind him. Never have I seen someone preform so theatrically! Playing songs like “Dark Bird Is Home” and “Darkness of the Dream” off his latest album, Dark Bird Is Home, he also gave fans some past favorites like “The Gardner” and “1904”. The show was incredible and fully engaging — I’ll never forget watching Matsson do a barrel roll across the stage upon request, while wearing a rainbow lei necklace that was bestowed upon him from a fan. It was a night full of dancing and laughs.

The Tallest Man On Earth

Lady Lamb

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