The Shivers Explore Isolation with New Visual [Premiere]

Today, we’re excited to share the visual for The Shivers’ new track, “Heaven’s Cryin’,” taken from his newest album, Grey Romantic, released last week on Valentines Day. The video follows Keith Zarriello as he wanders and explores icy landscapes, seemingly as broken and isolated as the song depicts. The new album came as the result of, unsurprisingly, a breakup. One that left Zarriello packing his life into a cargo van, driving 2,500 miles to San Miquel de Allende, Mexico and penning the majority of Grey Romantic alone in a small shack. The music seems to follow that emotional rawness, and the video captures that feeling perfectly. Learn more about how it came together below, and be sure to listen to the full album here.

Basically, Kyle (aka Snacks) [The Shivers’ manager] said that he found this guy on Instagram from the Bronx that happened to be up there with a drone and that I should hike up this mountain. It was freezing and icy and they were both slipping and falling all the way up and I was walking much faster than them because I’m in great shape. Then we got to the top and there was this abandoned hotel from the 1800’s up there. It was beautiful. We were shooting on the cliff side, and this couple on their first date had set up a snowy picnic on the cliff. It was fun because there was no planning and we didn’t know what we were doing other than hiking up a mountain and filming it with a drone.

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