The Parlor Dance The Blues Away with ‘The Surgeon’s Knife’ Video [Premiere]

There’s no doubt that The Parlor have an almost criminally happy and catchy song with “The Surgeon’s Knife.” It’s been described as “campfire disco” with it’s mix of earnest guitar and vocals with an obvious dance beat, and this song truly drives that home. The video for the track revels in silliness and joy, with a simple video that seems to actually be in front of a campfire and never cuts from the jigging band. Singer Jen O’Connor says of the song:

“We’ve heard this song described as “Campfire Disco.” We like that. It’s probably one of the happiest sounding songs we’ve ever written, but we were writing this song (and most of the songs on our new record Wahzu Wahzu) when we were experiencing a lot of loss and a lot of stress. There’s a point where your body won’t allow itself to experience any more trauma and the only way to feel alive is to be joyful. Allowing yourself to sing and to dance is the fastest way to shake yourself out of a painful situation… but of course, there are still the reminders that life isn’t normal.

If the rug is too heavy just keep yourself steady and take out the surgeon’s knife -slice it up lengthwise” is a direct invitation to literally cut a rug, with the most extreme and dramatic tool possible. We were trying to write something that made us happy, because that was what we needed. And sometimes it ends up creating happiness in others, which is even better. For Eric’s (Krans, co-member of The Parlor) birthday we threw a party and shot this music video. We have a lot of incredibly talented friends who took part and made it possible. The video was filmed with the help of our friends at The Foundry for Art Design + Culture and stars a lot of awesome people from the creative community here in Upstate NY.”

 Check out the video above and get ready to start your Friday off dancing.

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