The Liquorsmiths Have Your Midweek Pick-Me-Up [Stream]

The Liquorsmiths – Get Well Soon

Every so often you hit one of those weeks that just absolutely drag, and somehow even though you’ve been sitting at your office desk for what feels like years, it’s still only 1 p.m. Well, count yourself lucky because The Liquorsmiths have a new single that’s guaranteed to turn your frown upside down and make the time fly by a little faster. “Get Well Soon” does exactly as its title implies and makes you feel a whole lot better about sitting in a dreary office staring at a computer all day! Jangly guitars, upbeat drums, and some toe-tapping vocals are the perfect medicine for a case of the Wednesdays, after all. These folk rockers from the West Coast are making jams that we want to get down to, and luckily there’s plenty to stream on their SoundCloud. Perfect for the extra long Wednesday that just doesn’t want to end!

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