The Lemon Twigs Return with Intriguing, Syncopated B-Side [Stream]

Long Island brothers Brian and Michael D’Addario are revitalizing glam pop with a slightly psychedelic twist as The Lemon Twigs. Freshly signed to 4AD, the pair have just released a B-side that climbs from a gentle vocal melody to a blasting climax through a funky forest of synth, piano, and guitar. “These Words” is much stronger than your average B-side. It’s complex phrasing seamlessly combines traditional pop verses and hooks with free form solos, spiraling upwards in syncopated honky-tonk. Intriguing and dynamic, the song shows an impressive depth of songwriting for a pair who have not yet reached 20 years of age. If you like what you hear, be sure to check out their first single “As Long As We’re Together.” Both are out now on 4AD and will be a part of their upcoming debut album.

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