The Kills Took Over Warsaw for Two Nights [Photos]

Photos by Tim Toda

The Kills took over Warsaw for two straight nights, bringing their amazing energy with them and injecting it into the crowd. The opener, Kim and the Created, was one of the craziest performances I’ve witnessed. Literally leaving the venue covered with glitter, she made sure the crowd remembered a truly contagious and gritty show. Occasionally running into the crowd, Kim finished her opening leg with The Kills on a high note.

After an intense warm up, the crowd was ready for The Kills to take the stage. Alison and Jamie’s chemistry was familiar, yet spontaneous. Bouncing off each other’s backs, there was never a dull moment throughout their set. It was a show that was meant to be experienced up close and personal, and it was certainly one I will never forget.

The Kills
Kim and the Created
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