The Kickback’s ‘Leo’ Moves With Quiet Purpose [Premiere]

The Kickback come from the same indie rock vein that birthed bands like COIN and Girls. They offer up simple songs that manage to kick long after you’ve stopped listening. With a lilting acoustic guitar that moves purposefully through the track and builds to a quick but lovely climax, “Leo (The Last Of The Great Bowling Mathematicians)” shows the many different facets of this Chicago group. Infused with the clean feel of the great indie pop of the last decade, the song’s producer, Spoon’s Jim Eno, should come as no suprise. Of the song, lead singer Billy Yost says:

“This song is about my high school algebra teacher who was also my Catholic confirmation sponsor and had a hardcore beard long before it was socially acceptable. He lived in Beresford, SD for many years and is the kind of man I wish I was. He’s a good person and I kind of hope he never hears the song because he dies at the end, and regardless of the nobility of the death, it’s never a great idea to fictionally kill off people you care about. I was watching all 1500 episodes of a vampire soap opera from the ’70s called Dark Shadows around the time I wrote this and there were always these creepy vibraphone cues, so they also found their way into the song. I feel like a social vampire, like I leech off of other people’s life force, and I guess that’s what the song wound up becoming. “

Check out the track above and be sure to keep an eye out for their full length Sorry All Over the Place, out September 18.

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