The Fauve Soundtrack A Million Convertible Rides with New Track ‘Slow Motion’ [Premiere]

With the warming of the weather so too do we want warm synths and harmonies. Luckily for us The Fauve has come to satiate our cravings for sweet, gauzy pop with new track “Slow Motion.” The new project from Hayley Taylor, the track is a huge departure from her traditional indie-roots rock and doubles down on the feel good bubblegum pop that’s so in vogue. Still, she rises above the vast majority of it with a clear voice and bubbly, layered sounds that easily lift the track. It’s no surprise the song has already been featured on a couple TV shows, with a banging chorus like that it’s a shame the song isn’t soudtracking all the recklessly joyous car rides in every teen soap. Check out the track above and be sure to grab ‘Slow Motion’ on iTunes on 3/25.


  • barbara brighton

    How fabulous Hayley. You sound terrific. I think it’s the best track you’ve done. Good Luck. Love, BB

  • Anthony Burulcich

    awesome song!

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