The Drums Get Dreamy on ‘Head of the Horse’ [Stream]

The Drums have released a new track called “Head of The Horse,” taken off the band’s fourth studio album, Abysmal Thoughts, released June 16 on Anti-.

Following the album teaser “Blood Under My Belt,” the second single is a departure from the frantic guitar licks and quick-beat drums that have been the foundation of The Drums’ sound. Led by a celestial keyboard loop and sleepy, sporadic drums, frontman Jonny Pierce’s nonchalant sighing vocals echo over a harmonic choral backdrop. The song builds like a slow dance in a dream, atmospheric and beautiful, culminating in a crescendo of electronic drums and layers of wavy synth.

Lyrically, it’s riddled with adolescent self-doubt. Growing up with anti-LGBTQ Pentecostal preacher parents, Pierce attests the song’s introspective worry to their non-acceptance as he navigated his youth. Lyrics like “Your sister got married fourteen times / But if you fall in love, son, that’s a crime” and “All these memories get the best of me” speak to the haunting feelings of shame and anger that many in the LGBTQ community carry with them for their entire lives.

The new album “Abysmal Thoughts” is out now on Anti-. Keep your eye out for tour dates.

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