The Districts Captured the Crowd’s Attention at Metro [Photos]

Photos by Bailey Lecat

It’s a Saturday night in Chicago and no one at the Metro is ready for the show they’re about to see. Over the past few months, The Districts have stopped through several times, and each time they’re more and more impressive. They aren’t your average garage rock band, though their age might be misleading. With only one member being 21, it’s hard to not be impressed by how skillful and mature their music is, not to mention the energy of their live performance.

Two bands opened the show, The Kickback and Sun Club, each adding their own style of music and interesting dance moves to get the crowd warmed up. Sun Club definitely stood out with their psych-rock and passion for their instruments. The crowd was welcoming and really seemed to enjoy what they were hearing.

As The Districts began their set, you could really feel the energy in the room — no was holding back that night. Covering their debut album, A Flourish and a Spoil, as well as some new songs, the band never lost the crowd’s attention. Everyone was so invested in the show that no one was ready for frontman Rob Grote as launched himself into the crowd — defying gravity for a few seconds before hitting the ground and climbing back on stage. Overall, they put on an awesome, satisfying show. They absolutely have a long career ahead of them.

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