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The Click Clack Boom, rising stars of the Tri-State area and what slowly seems to be the rest of America, stood up and made me take notice at Crash Mansion on Tuesday night. I’ve heard this hardworking band’s material before, and while I enjoyed it, I hadn’t thought to see them during CMJ. That is until Nathanial, the natural leader, speaker, dreamer and front man got in touch with me on the day of the gig.

And in all seriousness, I’m so glad he did. The band lived up to the hype surrounding them, which to be honest, I did not completely understand prior to the show. Like all good bands, they had the songs, the look and most importantly, the talent. And it was the talent that was so mesmerising. These guys are musicians. They play each other’s instruments, create mind blowing effects, and move like the ground is shaking. The songs morph, twist, and twirl to the creative beat of these four ridiculously talented bastards.

When I met Nathanial beforehand, he looked tired, sounded tired, and acted tired. But when he and his band reached the stage, everything changed. You get the feeling with The Click Clack Boom that they are in a professional mould, pre-professionally. They are passionate guys, and I can’t imagine that any amount of fatigue would stop them from putting on a great show. Even exhausted Nathanial, acting as though he was high on substance, pounded his single drum as though he were trying to release as much energy as possible to end the muscle-twitching trip. If this was them tired, I wanna see them with energy. They have a big and raw sound with a huge potential to go places.

Trust us on this one, try go and see these guys before they tour. They’ve just been voted as a band of the month in High Times magazine and have strong backing from Warner.

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