The Beehive’s Northside Festival Showcase Kicked off our Summer Soundtrack [Photos]

Photos by Mia Min Yen

Frances Cone kicked off The Wild Honey Pie’s Northside Festival showcase with their beautifully blended harmonies and driving drumbeats, all of which led into explosive choruses drenched in reverb. The set was a luscious combination of soul, rock, indie-pop, and folk — the best of all worlds. Arthur Moon switched it up by showcasing her perfect rhythmic changes and unexpected tempo transitions. Each song throughout the set continued to take listeners further into an enchanting, hypnotic journey filled with haunting vocals, unique textures, and intricate chord progressions.

Festival-goers received a special surprise by experiencing Yoke Lore’s first live show. From snaps and claps to synths and shakers, Yoke Lore consistently shook things up with their dynamic percussion arrangements and catchy melodies. Palmas presented the perfect summer tunes with their beach vibes and retro sound, providing the audience with sun-soaked guitar riffs and danceable beats. Michael Rault kept the good times going with balloons bouncing throughout the crowd and groovy live-production techniques, taking everyone on a nostalgic, psychedelic adventure.

At this point, the room was packed tight, as people peaked from outside the doors eagerly tried to hear eavery second of Homeshake’s funk-filled set. Definitely worth it. Pavo Pavo made sure the momentum continued with sweet, soft vocals backed by luxurious harmonies. The synth and keyboard-heavy psychedelic vibes were quite fitting for the time of night. Glassio took us home with their disco dreamworld of musical goodness. ‘Nough said.

Frances Cone
Arthur Moon
Yoke Lore
Michael Rault
Pavo Pavo
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