Thad Kopec Creates Sweet Melancholy on ‘Second Best’ [Premiere]

Sometimes you hear a song that so perfectly syncs up with the story of the artist, it’s almost hard to believe it’s true. Nashville based Thad Kopec’s newest track ‘Second Best’ is one of those tracks. It’s elegant, baroque loveliness sounds like it came from the lightly gilded mind of a serial loner, so when you find out that Kopec spent time on a central Florida farm fighting insomnia it sounds almost too perfect. The track is sweet but still tinged with darkness, the kind of chamber pop that feels intimately familiar with sorrow. Of the track, Kopec says:

Second Best is the only song on The Shadow and the Caster that has a tangible narrative. I was sort of playing with that afterglow you sometimes feel after waking up from an emotionally visceral dream – that first half of the day you spend wishing to somehow go back to that place, and the inflamed state your imagination can take on as a result. 

I played with a few different arrangements for the song, and decided to keep it somewhat sparse to carve out room for the strings and horns. I knew those were the elements I needed to work with in order to create a world that felt magical and otherworldly in the way that a dream does. 

Kopec’s new record The Shadow and the Caster is out on 4/21.

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