Tender Glue Shared Some Songs that Inspired Steady Light

Tender Glue is a brilliant clash of twang, grit and pop, delivering as many dirty guitar lines and perfectly sparse moments as clever vocals and catchy melodies. To celebrate the recent release of Steady Light, Tender Glue’s debut album, we asked for a playlist of songs that helped to define the record’s sound. Enjoy below, and be sure to check out Steady Light above!


Humble Pie – Say No More

First song that popped into my head was Humble Pie, “Say No More” probably because they have Pie in the band’s name as well. I remember finding it and listening over and over again especially this live version.

Modest Mouse – The Good Times Are Killing Me

Second band I thought of when it comes to inspiration is Modest Mouse. Definitely proves that you don’t have to sound like anybody else to make music.

King Of Leon – Knocked Up

I just like old Kings Of Leon.

Cold War Kids – Hospital Beds

Someone told me that I sound like him, and that led me to believe that maybe my voice doesn’t sound as bad as it sounds in my head. It was a long time ago, but definitely helped shape my tone that I feel comfortable singing in.

The White Stripes – Hello Operator

Straightforward, simple, and raw. Shows that you don’t have to have much to make great music.

Phosphorescent – The Quotidian Beasts

This is my latest discovery. The whole album I can listen through without skipping. Plus, when I found out that it was produced, engineered, and mixed by the same guy, I appreciated it even more.

Simply Red – Holding Back The Years

Now something from the past. I remember Simply Red was one of the CD’s that my Father’s friend, who was closing down a record store, gave to us. So that kind of stuff was laying around the house.

UB40 – Red Red Wine

Anther one from the past that brain washed my child mind. It was playing in the car from a cassette mix tape as we were camping. My family would open the doors of the car and blast the tape and just drink, partying through the whole night next to the fire place, as me, my brother, and cousins were trying to sleep in the tents. I actually enjoyed listening it, but maybe not the whole night. That’s how summers usually looked like when I was a boy, of course it wasn’t only one mix tape — each year was something different.

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes – If You Don’t Know Me by Now

So this one I just stumbled on by accident while looking for the Simply Red, and noticed that it’s actually reminding me of my song “West”. With some imagination you can definitely hear that “West” was unconsciously inspired by this song.

Thanks Squarespace!