Temptress Released Their Unforgettable Debut Single ‘Lies’ [Video]

Temptress, a London-based electronic R&B duo, recently paraded onto the music scene with their debut single, “Lies.” A song about the feelings that come with being consumed by deceit, Temptress enchants their listeners with impressive and evocative harmonies, insanely powerful drops that introduce the hook and mesmerizing vocals. The airy, delicate vocals take you from verse to verse with dreamy ease, but they’re set to a background of fierce, burning beats and horns that forcefully remind you of the meaning of the song — after getting caught in a lie, it won’t matter how beautiful your voice sounds, the beat always drops. The monochrome video that accompanies the single is equally as provocative as the lyrics, taking you through a forest filled with dancing, masked figures who baptize and shave the duo, while constantly introducing scenes of the singers staring at the camera. Temptress is surely leaving a memorable impression and we cannot wait to hear what comes next.

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