Tei Shi Performs Eerie Karaoke in ‘Keep Running’ [Video]

Two weeks ago, Tei Shi released a track off her upcoming LP, Crawl Space, due out March. The song, entitled “Keep Running,” features provocative lyrics that often manifest in commands: “Time is so sad/Tie me to it,” or the chorus’ haunting refrain, “Baby, keep running, keep running for me…Don’t hesitate, don’t make me wait.” Its ephemeral, swaying sound contrasts the pressing desperation that its lyrics express, which appears only in the threatening few chords at the beginning of each verse, where Tei Shi’s vocals drop temporarily from their usual falsetto to a deep, throaty croon before sliding back into the dream-like chorus.

The video for the track features a dark curly-haired Tei Shi in a silken camisole and robe, meandering around an eerie sort of pajama party while singing, often into a corded microphone in a karaoke-esque fashion. (At certain points, lyrics show up at the bottom of the screen, or on a TV within the video, whose colors change as each word is sung.) Cut between this surrealist imagery are spontaneous shots of a moving tarantula, later echoed in the video when Tei Shi throws her head back and makes crawling motions up her neck with her fingers.

Listen to the wistful track here, along with the ethereal visuals that go with it.

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