Take A Taste Of The Eastern Sea’s Third LP [Stream]


Two weeks ago one of our favorites, The Eastern Sea, released their third LP, and we’re here to make sure you get a taste if you haven’t yet. The Witness is a vibrant addition to their already solid catalog, and I personally adore the gorgeous minimal cover art. Conversely, I also appreciate the non minimalism in subject material. Themes include “false memory, misplaced confidence, family heirlooms, bondage, myth, group-think, repetitions, contradictions, dreamless-ness, irrational fear, and baseball”.

And if your weather has been anywhere near as drab as it has been here, you’re going to want to douse yourself in these warm pop vibes. Take a minute to sample their latest work with “Boy in Blue”, an mid tempo jam that unexpectedly takes pause at the last minute, slows things down, and then picks the tempo right back up ensuring they’ve got our attention. Reflective and lively,  this track is an accurate demonstration of what the album is like as a whole. So go ahead and sample away with the above lyric video for The Eastern Sea’s “Boy in Blue” and see why they continue to hold our attention.