Take a New Path with Perigee [Stream]

Perigee – A Spacewalk (A Renewed Mind)

David Ubinati has proven that sometimes you really can take your GarageBand skills to the next level — albeit he’s probably more talented than your 12-year old cousin or your middle-aged uncle. After a few months of experimenting with electronic sounds on the game, he had enough tracks to produce a full length album, Perigee.

Perigee is also the name of this solo project, taking its name from a spaceflight term that refers to the point at which an orbiting object is in an ideal place to break orbit and begin a new path. Ubinati used this term as inspiration for his life, as well as his music. In this single, “A Spacewalk (A Renewed Mind)”, he takes samples from NASA and uses uptempo electro-pop beats to create a unique an ethereal space to contemplate your next move to break free and start fresh. Get on your new path with this track!

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