Stars Played to an Ecstatic Crowd at Bowery Ballroom [Photos]

2 years ago by Makena Cummings

Photos by Makena Cummings

This week at Bowery Ballroom, Stars played an incredible show to a very ecstatic crowd. The band has been touring in promotion of their latest album, No One Is Lost, released earlier this year, and they also released an EP a few weeks ago titled Lost & Found. They played songs from these releases in addition to old favorites like “Your Ex-Lover Is Dead”. Frontman Torquil Campbell continually expressed his gratitude to be playing their third show in New York this year, with another sold out show the following [READ ON]

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3 years ago by Charity Painter

high highs

High Highs – Ocean to City

It’s been a little over a year and a half since we’ve heard new music from NYC via Syndey duo, High Highs. We were so completely taken with their debut, and since then they’ve played with bands like Vampire Weekend, Sky Ferreira, How to Dress Well, Stars, Oh Land and Empire of the Sun. The band is said to be in the studio at work on their next full-length, but until then they’ve released a three-track EP called Ocean to City. Their spaced out ambient pop feels like exactly what we need to hide away from the insanity of everyday life now that summer is truly over and we’re bracing for the holiday season impact. All three tracks throb with a sense of longing echoed in High Highs’ wistful aesthetic. Listen to the EP’s glowing title track above and download Ocean to City for free at their Bandcamp page.

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3 years ago by Hannah Angst

The Chinese’ Modern Sky Music Festival takes over Rumsey Playfield in Central Park for two nights on October 4th and October 5th, bringing an eclectic group of acts that must not be missed! Cat Power, Stars, The Both (Aimee Mann & Ted Leo) as well as The Blood Brothers who are reuniting after eight years! Also included in the lineup are some of China’s most well know bands in the rock/electronic genre, Deserts Zhang Xuan, Re-TROS, Second Hand Rose and Queen Sea Big Shark. Tickets are limited so get yours before the sell out! You’re not going to want to miss [READ ON]

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4 years ago by Eric Weiner

Over the past three years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of my favorite bands in the world through our Buzzsessions.  Many of the artists, Alt-J, J. Irvin Dally, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, and Kishi Bashi for example, hadn’t been around for more than a year when we recorded with them and yet they all performed like seasoned veterans.  There have also been plenty of acts, such as City and Colour, Ola Podrida, and Freelance Whales, that I’d been loving long before my blog life.  Both scenarios are equally great, but what [READ ON]

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4 years ago by Hannah Angst


Even the strongest of us do it. We get on Facebook to respond to an invite to some party or to check up on the news from our friends, then suddenly, the overwhelming urge strikes you — the stalking urge. Now, you’re deep into the Facebook rabbit hole, checking up on those exes, the ones that you probably should have un-friended the moment that the relationship went sour. We’ve all been there, friend, so we decided to make you a list of all the songs that you should listen to when flipping through [READ ON]

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5 years ago by Sara David

Stars (@youarestars) are no newcomers to the music scene; the band has been around for about 12 years. Now, the Canadian quintet is back again and have recently released their 6th full length LP, The North. Their music has continued to evolve since their last release, 2010‘s The Five Ghosts — songs from The North are more unique, yet manage to fit within the album. The North’s opening track/lead single “The Theory of Relativity” was pretty excellent, but its follow up single, “Hold On When You Get Love [READ ON]

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5 years ago by Lauren McKinney

Photo Credit: Hilda Pellerano

This past Saturday, Stars (@youarestars) performed twice in New York, once at a very crowded Webster Hall and the second time at a surprisingly sparse Mercury Lounge. While I enjoyed the breathing room during the later set, I found this surprising to say the least. Following the successful release of their new album, The North, I have serious [READ ON]

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5 years ago by Hannah Angst

Week’s Top Releases
The Albums You Need to Know About Every Week

Release season is finally up and running — all sorts of great records are getting ready to come out, and this week is no exception. With the first record of original material in six years from Cat Power, a new and sure to be original effort from Deerhoof, new releases from favorites Stars and Azure Ray and the anticipated debut [READ ON]

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6 years ago by Brian Marino

Monday Threesome
Like a Pandora Station but Better

Welcome to another edition of Monday Threesome, where we bring you several bands that fit within a particular theme or genre. The three groups we selected for this week all feature distinctive, theatrical [READ ON]

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6 years ago by Lisa Dubow

Known and loved for their unabashed, emotional indie pop, Montreal’s Stars (@montrealstars) are making moves and lending their talents to the big screen. “Dead Hearts”, a track off of their 2010 album The Five Ghosts, will be featured on the soundtrack for Sundance’s award winning motion picture, Like Crazy.  The film traces the vacillating emotions and turbulent [READ ON]

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Suggested NYC
The Best Indie Shows Hand-picked Each Week

Whether or not the weather agrees with us, it’s October.  And with the changing of the leaves comes an onslaught of wildly amazing fall tours.  This week, New York welcomes Iron and Wine, Stars, Jens Lekman, Dominant Legs, and more [READ ON]

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7 years ago by Eric Weiner

I’m a longtime Stars fan (obviously), so when vocalist Torquil Campbell approached us about filming with Chris Dumont and his side project Memphis, I was more-or-less jumping up and down with pure joy.  Picture it.  With croissants, coffee, and two feline pals, the bands performed fantastic renditions of “Apocalypse Pop Song”, “A Little Place In The Wilderness”, and “Language of Birds”.  Enjoy the videos below and snag the free downloads of the recordings.  Continue the conversation in the comments below.

Thanks to Derek Eads for another stunning illustration.  For more of his work, click here.

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