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Priory Gives Us Songs for Every Occasion

2 years ago by Makena Cummings

The guys of Priory, Brandon Rush and Kyle Sears, are incredibly charming and silly. They bounce off of each other in such a natural state, it’s no wonder they write and perform music together so well. I had the opportunity to chat with them at Governor’s Ball a few weekends ago to hear about their go-to songs for certain times in their lives. Enjoy a few songs [READ ON]

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3 years ago by Jayson Yee

Photos by Jayson Yee

Kevin Devine and the Goddamn Band was a great opener for Manchester Orchestra on Thursday night. These guys have a really great stage presence and know how to get a crowd hyped for a killer show. Each song flowed well into the next, as Kevin sang his heart out on stage and his skilled backing band jammed and seemed to have an amazing time. Everything seemed so natural and fluid, not choreographed, and overall the set was fantastic to watch. These guys [READ ON]

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4 years ago by Camellia Hartman

architect cover

On April 20th, music lovers around the world all frolicked to our favorite vinyl and CD shops in honor of National Record Store day, celebrating all aspects of the music industry. On that same day, Frightened Rabbit’s Scott Hutchinson and Manchester Orchestra’s Andy Hull gave us one more reason to celebrate with their collaborative single, “Architect”. The track strays from the traditional sound of both groups, opting for just acoustic guitar and vocals instead of the indie rock wall-of-sound [READ ON]

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6 years ago by Caitlyn Flowers

It’s Lollapalooza time again in the fine city of Chicago.  We’ll be there checking out the following bands and [READ ON]

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7 years ago by Eric Weiner

I was recently out in Seattle after my trip to Sasquatch. I spend some time with my friends and, including my time at Sasquatch, had some of the most soothing and enjoying times in my life. Why would I write an article about this? It’s more about the concept of home, who it involves, and the dynamic that music adds to my life. [READ ON]

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