brit & the cavalry


7 years ago by Eric Weiner

For those of you that are unaware, we’ve separated our videos and editorial pages to make things more organized for you.  There’s a bunch of sick videos over there that are brand new.  Two of them were done by yours truly with Brooklyn band, Brit & The Cavalry; the others are official videos from a couple of my favorite bands.  Enjoy! [READ ON]

June 18, 2010 Eric Weiner BUZZING 0


8 years ago by Amanda Dallas

Lisztomania – Phoenix Lisztomania – Phoenix

Be (Intro) – Common Be (Intro) – Common

Hey There – Brit & The Cavalry Hey There – Brit & The Cavalry

I’ve been thinking so much about summer lately, as it’s my last week of school. Of course when I think about summer, I think about relaxing, beaches, sun, ice cream, and the most important thing: cruising around my small Pennsylvania hometown with my friends blaring awesome music. [READ ON]

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