Ta-Ku and Wafia Delivered a Stunning, Transcendent Set [Photos]

September 29, 2016 Comments Off on Ta-Ku and Wafia Delivered a Stunning, Transcendent Set [Photos]

Photos by Erik Rojas

On a clear and warm 2016 Autumn Solstice, Downtown Los Angeles was graced with the elusive presence of the highly talented composer, singer, and self-proclaimed bedroom-producer Regan Matthews, better known as Ta-Ku (aka Yung Dramatic). Joined by his recent collaborator, fellow Aussie, and phenomenal vocalist Wafia, of Brisbane, Australia, Taku took LA on a swirling and textured ride of his music spanning from 2013’s Songs to Break Up To through this years EP (m)edian.

Stunning motion design smoothly played behind the two artists, teleporting the audience into the realm of Ta-Ku — one filled with nostalgia, memories, broken hearts and warmth, all at once. The show was a full-fledged audio-visual experience, and at times, it was jarring to realize you were in a venue in LA and not transcending space and time. Ta-Ku has not only honed a unique and beautiful sound on his last two records, but a truly experiential live performance to go along with it.

JMSN, another collaborator featured on 2015’s Songs to Make Up To took the stage to join in Ta-Ku’s highly popular “Love Again,” a melancholic love story punctuated with a heavy drop. His slightly raspy falsettos blended with Ta-Ku’s modulations and heavy drums in a perfect and emotional harmony.

Ta-Ku and Wafia concluded the night with a couple fantastic cuts off of (m)edian, soaked in reverb and melancholia. If you are able to somehow see the creative genius of Ta-Ku, do it — he and his fellow musicians create a transcendent performance that will be engraved your soul.

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