T.O.L.D. Contemplates the Existential in ‘There’s No Truth’ [Stream]

Dan Smith, the LA-based, British artist under the pseudonym, T.O.L.D. (The Order of Life and Death) contemplates the existential in his song, “There’s No Truth”. Taking advantage of the song’s entire soundscape, T.O.L.D. emphasizes each note, but more importantly, the spaces between them. From the electric guitar that lingers on each vibration to Smith’s lyrical pauses, the message is introspective, yet artfully resounding. And if the lyrics (“There is no truth/there is only you”) don’t get you to think about life in a new way, then the chorus of “dance with the devil,” which joins Smith’s voice and a Gospel Choir on the refrain, most definitely will. But the song isn’t overtly preachy, nor does it force you to see the world through T.O.L.D.’s eyes. Instead, the artist combines his philosophical reflections with an open-ended curiosity, letting the listener come to their own conclusions.

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