Sylvan Esso Bring Back Their Groove with ‘Die Young’ [Video]

This week, indie electronic duo Sylvan Esso released a new track and video, along with an announcement of their upcoming tour and album, entitled What Now, set for an April 28th release.

“Die Young” is an adrenaline-fueled track that sets vocalist Amanda Meath’s smoky lilt against low, drawn-out synths and snappy percussion. It throbs with youthful energy, which builds itself up and then bursts through during each rendition of the eruptive chorus. The video features Meath, clad in white linen overalls, cat-eye sunglasses, and a red bandana that matches her matte lips and auburn hair, spontaneously stealing a cop car and driving it into a mountainous landscape. The lyrics play with the adolescent hunger for the beyond that its sound evokes, claiming, I was gonna die young / Now I gotta wait for you, hun.

This will be Sylvan Esso’s second album, coming three years after their first self-titled project, and will feature “Radio” and “Kick Jump Twist,” which were released as singles in (respectively) September and November of last year. The three pieces revealed so far suggest this album will see Sylvan Esso into a fuller-sounding period than they’ve previously occupied, their tracks infused with a newfound dynamism that pulses palpably throughout their sultry arrangements.


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