Sydney Eloise & The Palms Track ‘Reckless’ Looks Wistfully Backward [Stream]

Sydney Eloise & The Palms- Reckless

We all have skeletons in the closet. “Reckless” by Sydney Eloise & The Palms probes the past, giving a long hard look into a relationship thwarted by mismatched attachment — a carelessness that can emerge from the darkest corners of every heart: “they never knew/ that anyone could be so reckless.” The fullness of the lead singer’s vocals confronts and interrogates, and the self described “60s indie pop” of the track captures well the mixture of fondness, disregard and near-regret that characterizes the song’s backward glance.  This track is one off their debut album, Faces, to be released this September on their Bandcamp.